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Happy Channukah! - Moms of Babies to be Born in September 2004

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December 5th, 2007

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11:37 am - Happy Channukah!
The first candles were lit last night.

Jon and I lit the proper menorah while Owen 'lit' the cloth menorah. Then I tried to tell the story of Channukah, but 3 year old Owen was impatient as can be expected and 9 month old Alexandra had no clue what was going on as expected, lol. This was followed by me putting my feet up (tradition: women do no work for the first 30 mintues after candle lighting - yay for me) so Jon brought in the special food and treats including the chocolate gelt/coins. We then put on a Channukah CD and sang songs (well I sang and Owen attempted to get the words to O Channukah O Channukah)

We then gave out a couple of presents: they each got new pajamas and a book from my family that lives 3000 miles away, and they got a small toy (Owen got a ball that is covered in Hebrew letters and Alexandra got a cloth doll to chew on). Owen particularly liked the book his Nana (my mum) sent as it has this odd projector to put pictures on the wall - though Owen just used it as a torch/flashlight and turned off the lights so he could put the 'spotlight' on everyone. Alexandra quite enjoyed the music and found all the traditional bits fasinating, particularly the doll and the food, though she only got a bit of latke.

So, on to the bit everyone really wants, holiday pictures of cute kids!

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Candles are so pretty...Alexandra is trying to get to the tzedaka box (where we put money for charity) while standing on her new doll.

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Theres that pretty face :)

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Presents, Owen and Alexandra enjoying their new books :)

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